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Celebrities Reportedly Ordained by the Universal Life Church Ministries

We encourage everyone to find out who our celebrity ministers are and see how they have used their status to make this world a better place. Visit our Celebrity Ministers page to read profiles detailing their careers and their official acts as ULC clergy. We hope you take inspiration from their stories and consider becoming a ULC minister yourself.

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Celebrity Ministers

Since its founding more than 60 years ago, the Universal Life Church has held onto the belief that anyone who wishes to be a minister of the church, should have that opportunity. The Internet has made becoming a ULC minister easier than ever, which we see as a blessing that comes with some unique challenges. Just as the message of inclusiveness exemplified with easy ordination reaches an unprecedented audience, so too does the misconception that being a ULC minister is without merit. We will not dwell on negativity, though. We ordain ministers, including the many celebrities in our community, to bolster the truth of our convictions.

Performing a Wedding

Ministers First, Celebrities Second

It’s important to note that the Universal Life Church does not approach anyone specifically requesting that they become a minister. Everyone who joins our community does so on their own. Though our organization certainly benefits from the increased visibility celebrity ministers bring to our mission, we understand that everyone seeks ordination for similar reasons. Just like the millions of people all around the world we have ordained over the years, celebrities become ULC ministers to perform weddings, lead their friends and loved ones in personalized spiritual experiences, and promote equality.

Happy Couple

Joy is No Joke

To say that ordaining celebrity ministers means that we don’t take the role seriously is accurate, in a way. The Universal Life Church believes that a person’s spiritual journey need not always be solemn and certainly doesn’t always require the presence of an elevated leader or the participation in some lofty educational program. We do not claim that our ministers are above the people they help, in fact it’s quite the contrary. All of us come from different places and all of us are moving in different directions, but in this church we are united as universal brothers and sisters on solid, equal ground. If seriousness in spirituality means a lack of joy, of equality, and of access, then the Universal Life Church would prefer to not be serious.

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A Loud, Clear Message

Every minister brings something unique to our community. For our celebrity ministers, that happens to be the ability to convey our message of inclusiveness and love to a wider audience than most. When people see one of our ministers performing a wedding on television, read about their social justice efforts in the news, or talk about how simple it was for them to be ordained, then we have succeeded in spreading the good word of the ongoing ULC mission. We thank all of our celebrity ministers for reaching so many people and showing them all of the good that can come from joining the Universal Life Church community. We all strengthen each other.


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