Wendy Williams

Radio, television, and Internet personality Wendy Williams carved out a special place for herself on the air by taking an irreverent, confessional tone with her audience. She has shared many aspects of her personal life with her listeners and viewers. In keeping with this engaging philosophy, Williams chose to pursue ordination with the Universal Life Church so she could officiate at her fans’ weddings. In an especially democratic twist, Williams wants her fans to select the couples she will marry by voting on her talk show’s website.

Wendy Williams has been a multimedia fixture for decades. She began her career in radio in the late 1980s, spinning records for a small station in the Virgin Islands, then moving to New York City to work at WRKS as a substitute DJ. Within a year, Williams was a morning radio show host, eventually earning an award for her on-air personality during an afternoon time slot.

Though her fearlessness in the radio business often found Wendy Williams courting controversy, especially when it came to interviewing celebrities, her star continued to rise throughout the 1990s. Her unique talk-and-music program on the New York station WBLS reached national syndication by the late 2000s, prompting Williams’s jump to television in 2008. The Wendy Williams Show has been a national hit since 2009 and includes many online-exclusive segments.

Though Wendy Williams told OK! Magazine in 2013 that she isn’t a fan of classic weddings, she is a strong supporter of the institution of marriage. Now that she is an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church, Williams can join countless others around the world in creating wedding ceremonies that match the ideals of both the officiant and the happy couple. We look forward to the weddings Wendy will perform, knowing they will be honest, heartfelt and courageous, just like Williams herself.

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Wendy Williams