Rob Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek, known for his show on MTV Fantasy Factory as well as his professional skateboarding career and ownership of D.C Skateboarding and Monster Energy Drink.

Rob is very well known by his viewers to be carefree, adventurous, and wild, but all while having copious amounts of fun. Whether it be jumping off motorcycles into foam pits, building the world’s biggest skateboard and riding it through downtown LA, or inventing different skateboarding tricks, Rob has become an icon for fun and creativity. Much like other celebrities with their own shows, Rob has also become an ordained minister through Universal Life Church in order to marry his sister and now brother in law. Although he gives off this persona of fun and care free, Rob took the ceremony and preparation very seriously according to his producers.

However it wouldn’t be Rob Dyrdek without a little fun at the ceremony, as he told his now brother-in-law that he wouldn’t sign the documents unless he completed a series of difficult trials, such as launching into foam pits, eating fried scorpions, and even having a 600 lb. grizzly bear eat food from his mouth.

Other celebrities who have been licensed by the ULC, include TV show host Conan O’Brien, Stephen Colbert, Sir Ian McKellen, conservative radio show host Glenn Beck, and Bryan Cranston.

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Rob Dyrdek