Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien, a comedian and a Universal Life Church Minister, has worn many different hats in his career. He has served as a writer on some of the most important comedies in TV history and he became a fixture of late-night programming that includes more than two decades of talk show performances on multiple networks. O’Brien has also been a prominent political activist, using his fame and unique sense of humor to champion causes close to his heart. In October of 2011, he sought the assistance of the Universal Life Church to make a grand, televised statement in support of marriage equality. Conan O’Brien is well known for his close, positive relationships with the staff of his show. Famously, he negotiated a 12 million dollar deal with NBC after leaving The Tonight Show exclusively to compensate his staff after they moved with him from New York to Los Angeles to take over the show from Jay Leno.

Following his time on The Tonight Show and a live tour, O’Brien launched a new late-night talk show on TBS simply called Conan. Conan’s costume designer Scott Cronick had plans to marry his same-sex partner David Gorshein, which was not legal in California at where Conan regularly tapes but had recently been made possible in New York.

New York State legalized same-sex marriage in July of 2011. Just three months later, Conan O’Brien received his ordination from the Universal Life Church. His first act as a minister was to perform the first nation live gay wedding of his staffer and his partner-to-be at a special taping of Conan at the Beacon Theatre in New York City.

We are proud to have Conan O’Brien among the many ministers of the Universal Life Church. Conan O’Brien’s dedication to social justice and his daily contributions to the joy of countless people around the world show the heart and soul of the giant that he is.

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Conan O’Brien