Joan Rivers

An evening with pioneering comedienne Joan Rivers is many things, but never dull. Whether she’s conducting an interview, roasting one of her show business friends, or performing a wedding as a minister of the Universal Life Church, Rivers is quick with a joke and never short on affection. She became a ULC minister in 2013 to officiate the wedding of her close friends, singer Theo Bleckmann and his partner, Preston Bailey.

Bailey himself knows a thing or two about impressive weddings. He is the planner behind many of the most extravagant nuptials in New York, including the lavish wedding of Joan Rivers’s daughter, Melissa, in 1998.

Wedding officiant is just the latest role in the storied life of Joan Rivers. She’s best known for her stand-up comedy and her expert coverage of red carpet fashion on television, but Rivers honed many of her skills in other industries prior to becoming an entertainer.

Before choosing the stage name Rivers, Joan went by her family name, Molinsky. She developed her people skills as a tour guide at Rockefeller Center shortly after graduating from college. Rivers sharpened her famous wit as a writer for an advertising agency and also served as a fashion consultant for Bond Clothing Stores, later applying that eye for fine clothing in her red carpet shows.

Today, Joan Rivers is branching out to opportunities in new media as well. In addition to getting her Universal Life Church ordination online, she also hosts a hilarious talk show called "In Bed with Joan Rivers" that plays on YouTube and iTunes.

In weddings, as with talk shows, a sense of humor is vital. Joyous days should be full of laughter, so there is no one better suited to preside over happy occasions than Joan Rivers. It’s wonderful to have her in the ULC family.

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Joan Rivers