Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin has made a career out of finding comedy in the absurdities of life, whether in her everyday experiences or in her often controversial interactions with the entertainment industry elite. Her unique point of view combined with her courage and persistence have made Griffin a fixture of film and television for many years. She is also a tireless activist for human rights who has been honored for her dedication to such causes as marriage equality and HIV/AIDS awareness.

Griffin began her comedy career with the Groundlings theater troupe in Los Angeles, studying under legends like Phil Hartman as she made her way into the company’s main cast. Though she often jokes about being on the "D-list" of celebrities, Kathy Griffin has been working regularly in show business since the mid-1980s and has performed multiple stand-up specials in addition to running her award-winning reality TV show, My Life on the D-List. She also debuted her own late-night talk show, Kathy, in 2012.

Griffin’s political activism has been a central part of her life for many years, especially surrounding the fight for same-sex marriage. She has notably protested against California Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage in the state, and has even confronted many high-ranking political figures about their policies against LGBT rights. Griffin has also been a frequent participant in Aid for AIDS, a charity that assists those living with HIV/AIDS in finding affordable housing, food and other essential services.

Always very close and friendly with her audience, Kathy Griffin pursued an ordination with the Universal Life Church in 2008 so she could perform the wedding of two of her fans. She conducted a short, joke-filled wedding service for the couple and their 100 guests, staying true to both her own dedication to laughter and the Universal Life Church’s mission to spread joy through ordained ministers from all walks of life.

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Kathy Griffin