Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey, a well known comedian, actor, and writer, has built a career that most people only dream of. From humble beginnings in the 1980’s, Steve Harvey has been a boxer, autoworker, carpet cleaner and insurance salesman. Seemingly a jack of all trades, it’s no wonder that he is also an ordained minister through ULC!

In 1985, he had his first gig at a comedy club in Cleveland, Ohio, and the rest is history. After winning an amateur night contest at the local comedy club, he decided to focus his efforts on building a successful stand-up comedy career. By the time the 1990’s rolled around, he was headlining in well-known comedy clubs in big cities, and began making his TV debut on such shows as HBO’s Def Comedy Jam and 1990 Johnnie Walker National Comedy Search. Setting his sights on TV and film, as the host of It’s Showtime at the Apollo, doors began opening left and right, from starring in his first sitcom Me and the Boys in 1994, to the well renowned Steve Harvey Show which ran from 1996 to 2002.

In 1997, he partnered with comedy legends: Cedric the Entertainer, D.L. Hughley and the late Bernie Mac in The Kings of Comedy tour, which became the highest grossing comedy tour of the year, eventually being captured on film by none other than Spike Lee, in the production of The Original Kings of Comedy. In his later years, he would begin hosting Fox’s New Year’s Eve special from Times Square, where he first put his ordination to use by officiating the wedding of Keven Udergaro and Maria Menounos on live television, making it the most-watched New Year’s Eve broadcast to date. Most recognize Steve now as the host of Family Feud and Celebrity Family Feud, a role he’s had since 2010.

If the great TV and film success weren’t enough, he is also a bestselling author, philanthropist and founder of the Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation. He has won the prestigious Daytime Emmy Award five times, and the NAACP Image Award a whopping fourteen times!

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Steve Harvey