Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith, director of the Sundance Film Festival winning black-and-white comedy and cult classic Clerks, co-host of weekly podcasts on SModcast Internet Radio, and popular comic book author is one of the many celebrities that was ordained as a minister with the Universal Life Church.

Born in New Jersey, Smith’s classic film Clerks was actually filmed in the very convenience store in which he worked. Smith maxed out almost a dozen personal credit cards to finance the picture. Although the films theatrical release played on fewer than one-hundred screens, it was a financial and critical success allowing Smith to pursue a career in film making. Smith is known for setting several of his films in the same universe, which allows him to feature the same performers across much of his filmography.

Respected for his commitment to his vision and knowledge of the business, Smith is a frequent commentator on the state of the film industry. He was critical of the Motion Picture Association of America when interviewed in the documentary This Film is Not Yet Rated, took Roger Ebert’s place on Ebert & Roeper while Ebert was recovering from cancer, and frequently holds long Q&A sessions with the public regarding his and other filmmakers works.

Always one to see the world in an amusing light, Smith chose to be ordained so that he could perform wedding ceremonies for couples wishing for an unordinary observance of the wedding tradition. Smith’s humorous ceremonies are streamed via podcast.

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Kevin Smith