Fred Armisen

Fred Armisen is an actor and comedian best known for his hilarious and lengthy tenure on Saturday Night Live, as well as his starring role in the sketch comedy show Portlandia. Armisen is a master impressionist, hilariously impersonating celebrities as varied as Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, and Queen Elizabeth on SNL over the years. But there’s no impersonation here: Armisen is a legitimate ordained minister.

Armisen grew up in New York, and was employed as a rock drummer before auditioning for Saturday Night Live. In 2002, he was cast on the legendary sketch show, and in 2004 he was promoted to featured player. Armisen quickly became one of the most popular SNL performers of his era, his humor described as “Andy Kaufman-esque.” Armisen stayed with the show for 11 years, departing in 2013 after appearing in the second-most sketches of any cast member.

From 2011 to 2018, Fred Armisen starred in Portlandia alongside Carrie Brownstein, lovingly lampooning the characters and culture of Portland, Oregon.

Now, Armisen is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. And having this legendary comedian officiate your ceremony might just be a two-for-one deal. With his repertoire of pitch perfect celebrity impersonations, who knows what wild characters might show up to the wedding?

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Fred Armisen