Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Lynn Connelly is a New York-born American actress, who made her acting debut in the 1984 epic crime film, Once Upon a Time in America, at the young age of fourteen. Though she had previously worked as a child model, her transition to film saw her land roles in films such as Phenomena, Career Opportunities, and the cult-favorite, Labyrinth starring opposite David Bowie, a role for which she gained public recognition.

Connelly won the 2002 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Alicia Nash in A Beautiful Mind, as well as a Golden Globe for the role. She would continue in well-known film roles, starring in Ang Lee’s Hulk in 2003, and alongside Ben Kingsley in the drama, House of Sand and Fog.

Connelly returned in the 2005 supernatural-horror film, Dark Water and in the 2006 psychological drama, Little Children. She has starred alongside prominent actors such as Kate Winslet in Little Children, and Leonardo DiCaprio in Blood Diamond, continuing the streak of powerful collaborations with Reservation Road, starring alongside Joaquin Phoenix and Mark Ruffalo.

In 2008, she worked with Keanu Reeves on the remake of the science fiction film, The Day The Earth Stood Still. She was then praised for her performance in the romantic comedy, He’s Just Not That Into You, which also featured Jennifer Aniston and Ginnifer Goodwin. Known for deep-diving the dramatic roles she takes on, in 2010 she starred in Dustin Lance Black’s Virginia, and did extensive research to support her portrayal of the main character. The film was released at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival and received a limited release in May 2012.

Recently, Connelly has returned to television with her role in the TV series, Snowpiercer, the post-apocalyptic thriller based on the 2013 film directed by Bong Joon-ho. She became an ordained minister with Universal Life Church in 2017.

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Jennifer Connelly