Jeff Probst

It’s not every day that a guy gets to perform the wedding of his own parents, but that’s exactly what TV personality Jeff Probst got to do in 1999. He became a minister with the Universal Life Church to officiate at the re-commitment ceremony of his parents’ 35th wedding anniversary. Probst’s on-air personality has demonstrated his equal gift for humor and gravitas, which is a perfect mix for wedding ceremonies both new and revisited.

Jeff Probst grew up in Bellevue, Washington, an affluent suburb of Seattle. His first taste of show business was nearby with the Boeing airplane corporation, lending his friendly voice to the company’s marketing videos and eventually working as a producer for Boeing Motion Picture/Television.

Probst got his TV-hosting feet wet in a variety of cable programs, most notably the VH1 game show Rock & Roll Jeopardy! in 1998. His most well-known gig came about two years later with the mother of all reality TV series: Survivor. As the host of the world-famous competition program, Jeff Probst became a household name and one of the most consistent figures in the world of reality TV.

In addition to his regular work as a TV host, Jeff Probst is an occasional filmmaker. His first project was the 2001 movie Finder’s Fee, which he wrote and directed. He also directed Kiss Me in 2012, starring John Corbett and Sarah Bolger. Further branching out, Probst is using his experience on the set of Survivor as inspiration for a series of young adult novels called Stranded about four teens who must work together to survive on a desert island after becoming shipwrecked.

Despite being a busy, multi-talented guy, Jeff Probst hasn’t hung up his ULC minister’s hat. More than ten years after officiating at his parents’ 35th anniversary ceremony, Probst performed the wedding of his long-time friend, actress Jenna Fischer. Still hosting Survivor, he even flew to Malibu from the set in Nicaragua for the event.

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Jeff Probst