Jason Segel

Jason Segel is an American comedian, actor, and television star best known for his role on How I met Your Mother, and countless other comedy films. Most notable movies Segel has acted in are: Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Knocked Up, I Love You, Man, The Muppets, the list goes on and on. Segel is also an ordained Minister from the Universal Life Church, and there is quite the story behind it!

Couple Abbe Thorner and Jason Wood decided that Jason Segel would be perfect to marry them, and for good reason: Jason is a loveable character in all his movies. After seeing his films, who hasn’t thought "Hey, I want him to perform my wedding! Fortunately, Thorner and Wood ran into Segel at a bar in west Hollywood and were able to ask him if he would perform their wedding.

"They turned out to be the nicest, most normal fun-loving couple ever," Segal told Jay Leno, host of the Tonight Show. "I guess the guys who were supposed to officiate their wedding dropped out and they were watching Sarah Marshall at the time—which, I mean, most people are—so they convinced me that I would be an appropriate person to officiate their wedding, and I told them I was out of town for their actual day."

Segel asked the couple performing their wedding on The Tonight Show would be a good idea, and obviously they agreed without hesitation. With Jay Leno as a witness, Segel pronounced the couple married on live television broadcasted nationally.

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Jason Segel