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Jonathan Van Ness is an entertainer, television personality, and podcaster best known for his work on Netflix mega-hit Queer Eye – and his long hair. Van Ness was born in 1987 in Quincy, Illinois, a small town located on the Mississippi River. Van Ness was his high school’s first male cheerleader, a passion he carried into his collegiate years. Van Ness says that he always knew he was gay, even as a middle-schooler, and embraced his sexuality early on rather than trying to hide who he is. After high school, Van Ness attended the University of Arizona on a cheerleading scholarship, where he studied political science. However, his grades suffered and he lost his scholarship because, in his words, he kept missing class to catch The Golden Girls re-runs. Van Ness did some soul searching and decided he wanted to be a hairdresser. He studied at the Aveda Institute and then worked as a hairdresser for several years.

John Krasinski is an Emmy nominated actor and director best known for portraying Jim Halpert on The Office, his turn as the titular character in Amazon’s Jack Ryan series, and writing and directing the hit horror thrillers A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place II. But Krasinski’s skills don’t stop at the screen; He’s also an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church!

Krasinski’s breakthrough role was in the mockumentary comedy series The Office as Jim Halpert. The show was a mega-hit for NBC, and the will-they won’t-they romance of Halpert’s Jim and his love interest Pam was a major key to the show’s success. A multi-talented performer, Krasinski not only starred in nine seasons of the show, but even directed several episodes too.

After The Office turned him into a household name, Krasinski took to creating his own films, writing, directing, and starring in the critically and commercially successful thrillers A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place II. Starring alongside his wife, Emily Blunt, Krasinski proved that not only can he make audiences laugh, he can make them afraid, too.

At the height of the pandemic in 2020, Krasinski started a web series called Some Good News, filmed from his home in Brooklyn. The show was intended to be a beam of positivity in a dark time. In a very memorable episode, Krasinski got ordained by the Universal Life Church to officiate the wedding of a pair of The Office superfans over Zoom! Not only were their parents (virtually) invited, but the entire cast of The Office dropped into the Zoom call as well to wish them well, dance, and celebrate.

From the office to the altar, Krasinski’s a man of many talents, and we can’t wait to see what movies (or weddings) he does next!

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John Krasinski