Mae West


Mae West was an American Actress, singer, screen writer, and super star from the early 1900s. Looking back at her career, it’s no doubt that her style, appearance, and attitude crossed the lines of censorship. She was looked at as a symbol for sex, lust, and a heartthrob to the men in those days. She was dubbed in the top 15 greatest and most influential female stars of all time. Known for her sexual tones in singing, her burlesque appearance in her performance, and the ability to woo crowds with her sexuality, Mae West commanded audiences all over the country. Following this, she entered the realm of Broadway, directing, producing, and acting in her own play called Sex, to which controversy followed. Because of the raunchy nature of the play, she was actually arrested and placed in jail for 10 days. This skyrocketed her fame even more. She continued on to write more plays, act in more films, and direct more acts. She continued doing this well into old age, up until her death in 1980. She has won countless awards. She is also an ordained minister through the Universal life Church.