Tony Danza

R.T. Rybak

Tony Danza is an iconic name in showbiz. Many people recognize Tony Danza for his various acting roles, most popular being the hit show Taxi, and Who’s the Boss, both extremely popular television shows. Before his acting career truly took off, Danza was working on his boxing career. Along with that, he’s also an ordained minister.
Tony was casted for the television show Taxi while training for his boxing match, earning him a place in television history and turning him from a boxer to a popular actor. He followed Taxi with a starring role in the classic ABC comedy series Who’s the Boss?, which ran for a total of eight seasons and broke all sorts of television records.
Eventually Tony found his way to another stage, particularly Broadway and musicals. He has starred in numerous renditions such as in Mel Brooks’s hit musical The Producers, playing Max Bialystock, and his reprise of the role in the Las Vegas production at Paris Las Vegas.